Tap yourself on the back for being a savvy car shopper

November 28, 2018
Posted by: Eugene

Obviously we all want the best deal when buying the car we want. Often I find that cheaper doesn’t mean better value.

Warranty is obviously a major consideration, not just for the peace of mind it brings, but more importantly it’s a reflection confidence a seller has in their car.

A short warranty probably means the selling garage probably hasn’t put much preparation into their car, possibly hasn’t serviced it, and therefore offers a short warranty.

We never did business like this. We prepare all our cars, service all our cars in our own workshop and offer warranty with all our cars. Many of our cars have warranties up to 24 month’s. That’s 2 years peace of mind.

Warranty is more than peace of mind. It’s a refection of a sellers confidence in their car. Buy from a dealer prepared to offer 24 month’s warranty.

This is especially important for first time buyers who are often mistaken in buying an older car thinking it’s cheaper. A car is something you are likely to keep for a few years, and over that time there is a point to be considered that a newer car might be a better option.

Forget a new car, they depreciate too quickly in the first few years.

Nearly new, a few years old is a different story. New enough to be reliable, cheap enough because the previous owner suffered the major depreciation.

Insurance is more expensive on older cars. A 2014 Volkswagen could be €1000 less to insure than a 2006 Nissan Micra. No repair bills for the Vw, but you could spend €500 maintaining an older car. The tax is more expensive for older cars, lets estimate €150. Not to mention fuel savings with newer, more efficient cars.

That’s a total of €33 per week extra to run an older car, and we are currently offering a 2014 Volkswagen Up for €30 per week with €1000 deposit.

In the long run, it can be cheaper to buy the newer car.

Older cars don't always make economic sense

For €30 per week you can drive a newer, safer, more reliable car.

  • Newer cars are safer
  • Older cars are less reliable
  • Older cars are more expensive to insure
  • Older cars are more expensive to tax

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